Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

Since January 2011 we have been approved by the QLD Government to offer a Kindergarten Program delivered by a qualified teacher for 38 hours per week, 40 weeks a year, for children in the year prior to Prep.

Our Kindergarten teacher, Miss Erin, who has a Bachelor in Education Early Childhood, has been with the Centre since 2014. Erin along with her assistants, Miss Emily and Miss Claire, runs a program which is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (2009) (QKLG) which caters for learning and development areas of: Identity, Connectedness, Wellbeing, Active Learning and Communicating.

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and aids teachers to develop quality learning programs for children in the Kindergarten year (the year prior to Prep). It also helps centres meet the National Quality Standards for educational programs.

The Guidelines build connections between what children already know or can do, their learning at Kindergarten and future learning in Prep. For further information visit the Queensland Studies Authority website www.qsa.qld.edu.au

At Allies, we have a dedicated transition to Prep program where our Kindergarten class make weekly visits to Allenstown State School (irrespective of whether they are planning to attend this school or not) to engage in fun activities like library sessions where they can borrow books, computer lab, language class, swimming lesson and music lesson. These school visits have proved invaluable for our children in terms of gaining confidence, familiarity and preparation for their next educational step.

We also have dedicated extra-curricular activities for our Kindergarten group including art projects, yoga and soccer.