Parent Hub

We put great emphasis on having close communication between parents and educators and in connecting your home learning environment with our teaching. We believe this is key to providing your child with a feeling of belonging and the best learning experiences possible.

We communicate in a number of ways – in person, over the phone, providing notes in your child’s named pockets, notices around the centre, email and we have a private Facebook group where we can share information with you. For example, what happened in your child’s day (learning stories), photos, events and important resources. This is also a forum for you to provide input into the daily program by sharing experiences from home.

When your child enrols at Allies, you need to login to Facebook, find ‘Allies Parent Hub’ and click ‘join’ to receive notifications directly to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. If you do not use Facebook, you will still receive the same information but via email. To make this effective, please ensure your child’s educator has your current email address.

We also have a dedicated feedback e-form and welcome you to take part in this to support our critical reflection and continuous improvement practices.