Outside School Hours Care

Outside School Hours

We have been running our before and after school care program since January 2005. Last year we built a NEW dedicated OSHC facility next door to our long day care to enhance our OSHC program!

Our before school program runs from 6.30 to 8.30am and our after school program runs from 3 to 6pm. We have two clearly branded, dedicated buses to pick up and drop off your children from their school. It is the children’s responsibility to ensure they wait in the area they are told for collection. Once all of the children and teachers are together in the outside school hours classroom, the roll is marked and every child is accounted for before the afternoon program begins.

Your children have their own space to play. The space is a homely and welcoming environment providing plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. Our schoolies program is engaging and flexible and primarily led by your children’s cues and interests. We provide breakfast as part of our before care program and an afternoon tea snack for our after school program.

Specific days for children that require before or after school care are required to be booked in advance. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the centre is notified, in advance, if there is a change to any details relating to the care of your children.

On arrival for before school, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is signed in, in the appropriate folder located at the entrance of the schoolies room and delivered to the appropriate room. Signing your child in is important to ensure that your fees are still covered by the Child Care Benefit. Hence if your child is absent, you have to write absent and initial, in our records to be eligible for the Child Care Benefit.

Whilst at the outside school hours program, the children will be guided in terms of right and wrong in accordance with the centre’s philosophy and policies. Our Educators have a preventative discipline policy which focuses on praising the right behaviour. The children are also given special helpers jobs to promote self-esteem and self worth, which they love.

It will be discussed with children at the beginning of Before and After School Care, what the rules are and their purpose. This will unite and focus the group on doing the right thing. The rules will balance the rights and responsibilities of the children and set the boundaries to give everyone a fair go regardless of age, development, background and gender. The children will be encouraged to find consequences that are reasonable; this will be a part of the group discussion on doing the right thing and being responsible.

Vacation Program

We run a vacation program four times over the year. Your child must be booked in prior to the holidays. The days booked will be charged due to limited vacancies. We need to limit our numbers especially on excursion days, so pleases see reception located at Allies Early Learning Centre as soon as possible to prevent being disappointed.

Our program is designed by the children who are asked to add their ideas about the activities they would like to take part in. This links to the My Time, Our Place learning framework.

There is an activity program handed out for each vacation period and we also usually include some special excursions and activities. To give you an idea of what these looks like, here are some examples:

  • Fancy dress day
  • Art/Craft day
  • Movie Theme day
  • Cooking day
  • Excursions to the beach
  • Jumping Castle and Sausage Sizzle day
  • Trip to the Cinema
  • Disco day
  • Circus or Carnival day
  • Excursion to the pool or Dinosaur Park

Parents are made aware of special excursions prior to the holidays so they are prepared for any extra costs involved.

Shoes, hats and t-shirts are a must every day.