Our Learning Program

Our learning program incorporates the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (2010), emergent curriculum, interest based programming style and Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework (2009).

At Allies, we believe that children learn through the experience of play and that they should determine and control the content and intent of their play while our Educators play the role of facilitators – that they should simply support the play process and only intervene when either enabling children to extend their learning experiences or for safety reasons. This learning environment is led by Amee McQuillan who has extensive experience and knowledge in early childhood development.

Each room has its own individual development program which is created at the beginning of the year and then reviewed regularly to ensure it is matching children’s needs and interests and the curriculum standards. As soon as your child is enrolled in Allies Early Learning, we begin a record of their activities and responses to planned experiences as well as spontaneous observations throughout each day. This record evolves into a small booklet which travels with your child as they progress through our centre and eventually provides you with an interesting and informative progressive record of their development.

Allies Early Learning is committed to recognising and respecting the wide variety of cultures, which make up our society.  Cultural awareness and respect is an important part of the centre program.  We strive to create a program that truly reflects the lives of our children, families, staff and community.  The centre utilises resources from Noah’s Ark, the Inclusion support agency and PSCQ to assist us in this.

Amee McQuillan has been Educational Leader and Director at Allies Early Learning since 2004 when the centre opened. Amee studied a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood at Central Queensland University.

Amee is deeply passionate about children’s education and in addition to her work experience, regularly attends training courses and workshops. She most recently went to the Playwork Conference in Melbourne to learn about Playwork principles and how to embed them into our centre’s philosophy. Other training includes topics such as behaviour workshops, the Abecedarian approach, embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in childcare, child protection, nutrition and food handling, National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework. Amee also attends the region’s quarterly Early Childhood Teaching and Educational Leader meetings and is a member of the Early Childhood Teacher’s Association.

Amee continually researches, contributes to and gains from Early Childhood forums to ensure she is leading our team of Educators in offering the best learning experiences. She confidently adopts and delivers leading edge thinking and practices to ensure our Educators and children are engaged, challenged and inspired to be the very best they can be.